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Victoria has been practising in real estate and estates law since 1993. Over her career she has come to recognize a variety of legal needs of our aging population.

Whether family member, neighbour or friend, members of our aging population often experience subtle challenges. If left unaddressed those challenges may jeopardize the elder's health or well-being. Our communal awareness and attention to the aging process, illness and critical needs are essential. I believe that proactive social involvement and preparedness can pre-empt complex legal crises.

Through volunteer and professional opportunities in Haldimand, Norfolk, Brant and Hamilton Victoria has identified a growing need amongst elder clients and their caregivers. Some appointed attorneys seek guidance and direction to enforce Powers of Attorney. The exercise of substitute decision making threatens to compromise the free will of an elder whose opinion is no longer sought in decision making. Often how change occurs has as significant an impact as the change itself.

In the transition from independent to assisted living many agents and services are called upon. Often families or friends need help to navigate through the network of service providers and professionals equipped to effectively provide social, financial, residential and legal assistance.

Promoting dignity and respect is the cornerstone of the advice and services we give elders and their caregivers every day.

With the assistance of experienced legal staff we offer a variety of legal and advocacy services focused on elders and their caregivers.

Aging is a new stage of opportunity founded on wisdom acquired through experience.