What Is Financial Abuse?

Be aware of the signs of change. Help elders manage that change with dignity and peace of mind.

Most often the abuse is based on a sense of entitlement, or early inheritance access, and occurs through such surreptitious acts as:

- Stealing a senior’s money, pension cheques, or possessions.

- Committing fraud, forgery or extortion.

- Cashing pension or other cheques without authorization.

- Use of the adult’s money for purposes other than what was intended by the adult.

- Sharing a senior’s home without paying a fair share of the expenses.


- Unduly pressuring a senior to:

    Move from, sell or relinquish     their home/other personal     property

    Invest or take out money

    Buy alcohol or drugs

    Make or change a will

    Sign legal documents they do     not understand

    Change or keep their marital     status

    Give money to relatives,     caregivers, or friends

    Engage in paid work to bring in     extra money

    Care for children or grandchildren

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